Crowther Carriage Company

By darkest night and lunar light, we're here to provide you with exactly what you require. We are a small coven based out of Nova Scotia where we curate, craft, and repair ethically-sourced leather and synthetic wares for your driving familiars. All articles are tailored to your specifications and packaged with care and a bit of magic.Part of all of our profits go to assist in maintaining the natural and historic spaces around Nova Scotia. Your purchases maintain legacies. We also adore sponsoring equestrian events of all kinds ... so drop us a line.To order wire the funds and write your details on a scrap of paper. Then burn it. Expect delivery within one hour.Apply a 10% discount per membership you have to the following associations: Baroque Horse Society, Driving Council, and Friesian Stamboek.

the Crowthers

Training Setsurcingle, longlines
cones, spares kit, and whip

Basic Driving Setsynthetic harness
training carriage
$500 single $750 pair

Standard Driving Setleather and synthetic harness
marathon and presentation carriage
$1000 single $1500 pair